MICA 2016

For the fall 2016 semester, I decided to produce a thesis project that revolved around character design and visual development. In this project, I created 5 characters with detailed frames and images that included: turnarounds, facial expressions, fashion line ups, extra poses, GIFs, personal possessions, and concept art for their bedrooms.

These characters interact within a contemporary, but mystic, 2010’s world. In this story, the 5 characters are witches, with individual specialties on certain types of magic, or domains. Their adventures begin when the characters leave home to study and hone their skills. The main character, Altair, moves the Pacific Northwest to a town that is filled with witches. With the help of the witches, she learns more about domains. During her journey, she comes across the other 4 characters who either serve as aid or hindrances to her goal of learning all the magical domains.